10 tips for Sport Climbing in Catalunya, Spain



1) Get a car. We ended up renting a Fiat at the airport and the total damage was about $250 USD for each of us, for 3 weeks. Let me remind you that at this price, it’s cheaper to rent a car in Barcelona – like we did – than to rent cars in most “developing” countries. You want a car also, because then you can get to and from the climbing areas with ease, and you can also get to the grocery stores where you will save yourself big bucks by not having to rely on expensive restaurants near the climbing places.

2) Get a Spanish dictionary. Very few people speak English out in spots where you will be climbing. If you can’t speak passable Spanish then you should definitely download a dictionary or buy one.

3) Avoid toll roads. The toll roads are very expensive. We made the mistake of driving from Siurana to Barcelona and it turned out to be about 20USD in toll fees for a 1.5 hour drive!

4) Take belay glasses. The routes in Spain can be long, complex and steep! If you want to climb well, yourself, you should invest in a pair of belay glasses so you don’t throw out your neck belaying.

5) Take a 70 or 80 meter rope. The routes can be long…

6) Shop at grocery stores in big towns. We would shop at ‘Mercadona’ because of the prices and selection. Once you are out in the small town areas, the prices are more expensive for food.

7) Bring a tent or book rooms in advance. Depending on the season, climbing in certain areas can get very busy. Camping is, for the most part, excellent. The hostels can fill up!

8) Don’t count on buying last minute supplies in Spain. I can’t tell you how difficult it was to buy climbing tape… Spain is not a place get stuff last minute.

9) Car camp when possible. The car camping is amazing and free in most places. You have to be careful in certain spots but overall our car camping experience was 10/10

10) Get your banking in order. You should double check with your banks because we had major problems withdrawing money from atms… don’t know what the deal was but it’s not fun not having loot to burn when you need it the most.