GETU VALLEY: Tips for your climbing trip in Southern China

2nd annual Petzl Rock Trip, Getu Valley, China. (2012)

  • Getting There:

Basically you have a few choices on climbing areas, but by far, the coolest spot that YOU MUST CHECK OUT IS… GETU. PERIOD. If you go all the way to Asia for climbing and you miss out on Getu, you’ve royally f*** up!. To get to Getu goes as follows:   You can go by air/train/bus to Guiyang which is the last city before departing into the unknown of Southern China – Guizhou Province.  This link is for the bus schedule from Guiyang to Ziyun.  From there you get on a very small van (the locals call it a bus) and you head off for the final stop, Getu.

  • Accommodations:

I’ve been to Getu two times; once on a paid trip where I stayed at the official Getu hotel (price ~$15- ~$30) and the second time, which was definitely my favorite place.  The second spot is the one that I recommend.  It offers single rooms with double beds and private bathrooms is a little tricky to find if you don’t pay attention.  To find this hostel you will need to go to Getu and find the official Getu Park Building.  It’s a very large wooden building with a large parking lot (if you are planning on climbing at the Great Arch – the classic arch from the petzl trip – you’ll have to pay for an entry ticket (100RMB).  Directly across from the parking lot entrance there is a small building; this is the hostel that I can’t stress enough for you to stay at. The owner of the place is this nice lady and she is a wizard in the kitchen. Not only does she offer the cheapest rooms in town (40RMB or ~$6), she prepares the best food in my opinion; and the more people to share dinner with the cheaper and better it is (more dishes).  Also, her breakfast is the best! Look for an embroidered artwork on the wall of some horses.

Again: Get to Getu.  Find the large parking lot for the park entrance and buy your ticket (good for your entire stay).  Sleep at the hostel across the street that has horses on the lobby wall.

  • Topo: 

There is so much climbing to be had in the Arch at Getu, but it’s not limited to this place alone.  There are numerous good quality crags (everything withing walking distance of where you’re staying).  I recommend climbing at as many areas as possible.  All of them are special in their own way.  Remember, you’re traveling, so do just that.  Go climb as much rock as possible.  Don’t get stuck trying to tick a grade just because you want to brag to your buddies… however, if that’s your thing, then you’ll be psyched to know that Getu’s grades are super soft for the most part.  Go ‘a muerte’ or ‘jia yo’ because you never know, you might surprise yourself and find that your at the chains of some 8a…. after onsighting it hanging the draws…

Here’s a link to a downloadable version of the petzl guidebook for Getu: Click me…